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Popup Chain | NEW

Link from one popup to another with our new Popup Chain features. Great for product demos, tours, on-page annotation, etc.

Toggled Popups

Create popups that don’t require closing. Using our toggle technology, you can give your popups the ability to hide and show themselves. NEW – set the initial state of the popup to open or close.

Magical Exit Popup

Once you load this demo, move your mouse towards the back button and see what happens. This is not a typical annoying exit popup that looks like malware and confuses your visitors.

External Link Popups

Have a popup triggered when a user clicks on a link outside of your domain. Whitelisting available too for making exceptions. Yeah…we thought of this too.

Top or Botton Stripe

Check out top ad stripe sliding in from the top, and the bottom audio player. You pick the color, height, width and content.

Full Screen Popover

Bigger is better! In this hard to miss demo, you can see our image take over the entire page. Close button in the top right.

Link to Popup

Trigger a popup from a link within your pages or posts. Works with text and images!

Popup Video

(with optional Title)
Make your videos stand out. We’ve added an overlay to dim the lights and set the mood, and focus the action.

[]Shortcode Triggered

Popups appear / disappear as you scroll the page. Excellent for highlighting specific content on long articles.

Newsletter Sign Up

We’ve included a couple examples of how you can get your visitors attention to join your newsletter.

Side Slider Popup

This is smooth effect that cannot be missed. Slide content out from the left or right side of the page. Commands attention.

Bottom Right Corner

Here’s an example of the popular bottom right corner pop-up that you see on many sites when you scroll to the end of a page.

Magic Frame Borders

This is coll design trick that you can use to create a framed border for your site.

iFrame a Website

iFrame another website into a popup. Check out this example.




WordPress Simple


Installs in seconds using the built-in WP plugin installer. You can even create rich HTML popovers using the built-in WP visual editor.

Import & Export

feat-_0016_import-exportEasily move your popups to other sites, or simply backup your settings. Save a TON of time not having to recreate the same popup on another site.

Multiple Popups


You can place multiple popups on the same page and you can even determine the stacking order if applicable. Yes,  we thought of everything.

Mobile Display Options

feat-_0014_mobileWe’ve included mobile options so you can display / hide your popups for mobile users.

You can even create mobile only popups!

Toggled Popups


Need to make your popup a little more permanent. Our built-in toggle technology allows your users to open and close a popup with the click of a button. Great for embedding media, support / quote request forms, newsletter signups and more.

Timed Display


You can set a popup to reveal itself at any time interval after the page has loaded. Say when.

Set Frequency


You  control how often your popups are displayed.

Smart Display Management


You decide the pages and / or posts you want your popups to appear on. New rues make this easier than ever in version 3. We even have a new feature to trigger your popup based on the referring URL. Good stuff for marketing campaigns!

Overlay Option


Want to display a popup using the popular lightbox effect? We’ve got that covered. Enable an overlay for any popup, and set the color and opacity too!

Duplicate Popups


Easily clone any popup you’ve created to create another instance. Big time saver!

One Click Centering


Center a popup on the screen with a single click.

Built in Close Buttons


We designed some custom professional looking “close” buttons to make it easy for users to close a popup.

Design Options


Easily set border colors, thickness, background colors / images, etc. You are in charge.

Custom CSS & HTML


You have full control over the content in your popup with custom CSS options for advanced users. We’ve also included advanced settings within some of our settings to allow for easy customization for professional web designers / developers.

Exit Popup


Display a popup when the user’s cursor heads towards the browser’s navigation settings.

Border & Padding


We offer you the ability to add borders (color, size, & style), as well as adding padding to give you fine control over your popup presentation..

Live Preview


We’ve made it easy to test your new popup using our new preview feature.

Show & Hide Triggers


You can insert shortcodes from our toolbar button to easily ad precise control over where your popups are triggered to display and hide themselves.

External Link Popups


Trigger a popup notification when a user clicks a link to an external website. You can also whitelist specific URLs to bypass the popup.

Google Fonts


Add some style to your popup text with hundreds of Google Fonts to choose from. Great for making attractive and attention-getting headlines!

Self-Close Popup Option


New setting allows you to automatically close a popup when any link inside of it is clicked.

Popup Chain


Link from one popup, to another, to another, and so on , etc. Great for presentations, page tours, and creative flexibility.

Background Images


We’ve included some background images for use with your popups. We’ve even included a sample of our new retro background series that will be available soon.

Get Over 20 Popups To Get Started


You can import all of our Demo Popups into your site to make replicating any of our popups a snap for you. This really helps get you up and running quickly.