How to import the WP Popup Magic demos to your site

As you can see from our home page, there are a large variety of popups available with our plugin….it’s pretty magical stuff.

To help get you started, I have prepared a file of all of the various demo popups for you to import into your own site.

Couple of notes:

  • You will find a link to the XML demos file within your receipt after purchase
  • All popups are set to inactive (disabled) after importing. Otherwise, you would have pops blowing up all over your site and that would not be good.

Here is a quick tutorial video on this.

If you prefer written instructions, you’re in luck:

To import  our demo popups, just:

  1. Download the .XML file of your popup(s)
  2. Login to your WP site
  3. Go to Tools >> Import
  4. Click the “WordPress” link – if you do not already have the import plugin installed you will be prompted to install it. Please install that plugin now if needed and then continue.
  5. As noted in the image above, click the Choose File button and locate the XML file you downloaded in step 1
  6. Click the Upload file and Import button
  7. Under Assign Authors, I recommend using the dropdown and selecting the author to an admin account
  8. Check the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox
  9. Click the Submit button
  10. That’s it! The popup will now be included on the WP Popup Magic >> All Popups page

Read our complete User Guide here